Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ASUS Designo MS Series LCD Monitors Introduced

ASUS today came out with a new LCD monitor series. Dubbed as the Designo MS, the newest Asus LCD monitor family features five monitors. The Designo MS is an ultra-slim (16.5mm Profile) family consisting of MS246 (23.6") / 236 (23") / 227 (22") / 226 (21.5") / 202 (20") LCD displays, each boasting "exceptional style and picture quality". Asus reports, the design concept behind the Designo MS Series is inspired by the binary state, incorporating a series of contrasting elements like the numbers 1 and 0, straight lines and circles, and black and white into an ultra-slim monitor with a 16.5mm profile. The unique spherical ring stand features Ergo-Fit Technology that lets users adjust the monitor's tilt angle with just one finger.

Lady Gaga earphones are definitely not the prettiest

Dr. Dre and Monster have announced the launch of their latest in-ear earphones which are being promoted by singer Lady Gaga. The earphones have a special design which would not appeal to many and even if it does then there is the price tag of $ 100 to $ 150.

iRiver Story an uber cool e-book reader

The Amazon Kindle sure has some competition first it was Sony, Asus and now iRiver is the latest entrant to grab some market share. Aptly named 'Story' it packs in a 6 inch screen powered by E-ink technology, QWERTY keyboard, 2GB onboard memory, SD card slot, speakerphone, microphone and compatibility with MP3, WMA, OGG, PDF, EPUB, TXT, PPT, DOC, XLS, ZIP formats. The battery is good for viewing 9000 pages of text or listening to 20 hours of audio. The iRiver Story measures 127×203,5×9,4mm, weighs 284 grams and will be available from September 16 in Asia for $280.

Navy scientists develop underwater laser communication technology

A better tool for underwater acoustics has been developed by the researchers at the Naval Research Laboratory. The new system will use laser light to create sound underwater from a distance. If this works properly then the floating buoys will be a thing of the past if planes will have to communicate with submarines. Well how is this done? Well, for efficiently converting light into sound, light has to be concentrated to ionize a small amount of water which will absorb the laser energy and superheat. This will result in a small explosion of steam which is capable of generation atleast 220 decibel pulse of sound. Wow!

Samsung Armani W820/8200 makes Korean appearance

The gold trimmed slider W820/8200 is a testimony to Samsung’s continued partnership with fashion designer Armani. The phone has a 3.1 inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen display, HSDPA, T-DMB, Bluetooth, 5MP primary camera and a secondary front facing camera for video calling. It will be launching in Korea in the near future. No news on the price and the launch date but I am pretty sure how much the price is going to be. Hopefully Samsung releases one for the common pocket without the gold trim.

Peregrine gaming glove turns your hand into a controller

This was seen at the Arcade Expo in Seattle. The controls of the Peregrine gaming glove are a little bit complex and attacks are often performed by hitting certain keys simultaneously. Sometimes by having a hot key on the glove would give the player an excellent advantage. What I meant to say is that the glove could in future become an alternative to the gaming keyboard. So if you want to do some extensive damage in Warcraft, you would need a mouse in one hand and the Peregrine Gaming Glove on the other. There is no information about the availability but it should cost around $129.95 when available.

Hooked to World of Warcraft forever? Spend $14,000 to get off the addiction

Washington State's ReSTART clinic is a rehab center that aims to help World of Warcraft players to get rid of their addiction to the game which might not be good news for Blizzard and it will cost you only $14,000! I just love the way these experts make money out of these World of Warcraft addicts. The center offers a 45-day program that employs a cold-turkey approach to help people get away from pathological computer use. It does not restrict to gaming itself but also includes other forms of addiction like video games, texting, social networks, online auctions and other technological time-killers. Whether such programs work in the long run remains to be seen.